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Start up Screen of Recover Data for NTFS

Select the Logical Drive/Logical Disk where you have your Deleted Files or from where you would like to recover your deleted files from the following screen:

Screenshot when the Software displays all the partitions in the selected drive.

Screenshot when software scans the selected partition:

Screenshot when the software displays all files/folders found in the selected partition.


Recover Data for NTFS Data Recovery Software is a safe & easy to use salvage ntfs file recovery tool for recovering unerase & lost data, files/folders or missing directories from deleted, formatted, inaccessible or re-formatted NTFS file system based Windows hard drives. Software successfully recover & restore all the important data stored in the damaged or inaccessible hard disk drive.

Try Using Recover Data for NTFS Data Recovery Software to analyze & salvage your damaged or corrupted Windows NTFS file system based hard disk drive. Download Demo Version of NTFS Data Recovery Software

Software Compatibility

All Recover Data Products Compatible with Windows 7 Operating System.

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We offer round the clock support for queries related to Our Data Recovery Software


24X6 Support

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» "Great Recovery Tools, I get all my files and emails back"

» "Oh! Really I got awesome results using Recover Data Tools to get back my file"

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Awarded as Best NTFS Disk Recovery Software & Partition Recovery Tools by many Shareware Sites & Data Recovery Gurus

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